Termites can spell disaster for your home as they eat their way through its wooden structure. Watch out for the following signs, some obvious and some not, which indicate that you may have an infestation of these nibbling nuisances.

Flying Termites

If you see flying termites, known as swarmers, you most likely have an infestation. The termites are males and females that have exited their nest to find a mate and create a new colony. Unfortunately that new colony, or existing one, could be inside your home.

Discarded Wings

Sounds gross, and it is. Discarded wings are evidence of a swarm. Once termites find a new place to colonize, they twist off their wings since they will no longer require them. You may find wings near closed windows, doors, and other entry points into your home.

“White Ants”

“White ants” don’t exist. If you see insects that look like white ants, you’re staring at termites. Ants and termites are commonly mistaken because they are similar in shape, size, and sometimes behavior. Termites have a white, creamy color and their antennae are complete straight, as compared to the curved antennae of ants. Both flying ants and termites have two sets of wings, but a termite’s are both the same size, whereas flying ants have one large set and one small set.

Hard-to-Open Windows and Doors

Stiff windows and warped doors can be signs of humidity, but can also indicate the presence of termites. Termites produce moisture when eating their way through window frames and doors, which causes the wood to warp.

Hallow or Damaged Wood

To satisfy their appetite for cellulose, drywood termites typically eat wood from the inside out and leave behind only a thin façade. Wood in this condition will have a hallow sound when you knock or tap on it. Wood damage can be found behind walls and below floors.

Tunnels in Wood

As termites chomp their way through wood they create tunnels. If you see tunnels in a piece of broken wood in or around your home, termites are present.

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