If you’re looking for ways to fortify your home against the threat of a fire, think about investing in fire-resistant siding. Here are five types to consider.


Aluminum and Steel

Aluminum and steel siding, or “metal” siding, are considered to be the highest-rated fire-resistant materials used on homes because they won’t ignite and spread fires. These metals can handle excessive moisture, they are resistant to cracking and decay, and they can stand up to strong winds.

Brick and Stone

Brick and stone siding, a.k.a. stone veneer, are extremely fire-resistant materials. Because stone veneers don’t have caulked joints they can keep flames from penetrating the stud cavities of your home’s interior walls, which is crucial because many homes burn to the ground after fire penetrates their exteriors and ignites flammable materials inside of the walls.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is among the most fire-resistant siding options because it’s made primarily of cement and sand—which don’t ignite. Combustible wooden fibers constitute only about 10 percent of the material. Fiber cement siding can adapt to climate change experienced in many locales.


Also referred to as plaster siding, stucco is usually available in traditional and synthetic styles. Each variety has a one-hour fire rating, which means it can withstand flames for one hour before your home incurs fire damage. This is due to its composition of cement, sand, and lime, which are all fire-resistant. When installing a stucco exterior it’s wise to apply three wet coats to enhance its thickness and, therefore, fire resistance.

Treated Wood

Solid wood can give your home a natural and rustic appearance. The wood should be treated, though, using chemical flame retardant sprays which will increase its fire resistance. Although these sprays don’t make the wood totally fire-resistant, they do enable exterior wood surfaces to withstand highly-flammable conditions for a longer period of time. So if a fire occurs, an exterior fire-retardant chemical spray can keep the flames from immediately penetrating your home’s siding.

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