At one time or another you’ve probably experienced a power outage during a storm or other extreme weather event.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Americans experience about 1.3 power outages a year, and each lasts an average of four hours. Homeowners in parts of the country that are predisposed to severe weather like snow and ice storms, floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes tend to see even more power outages and down time.

Power outages can be unpredictable. To help keep you and your family prepared the next time your lights go out, consider this list of action items to tackle now.

Action Items

Sign up to receive local weather alerts and warnings. If a storm or other form of inclement weather is in the forecast, be sure to charge your mobile phones and other devices. Fill your gas tank if possible.

Check your pantry periodically to make sure you maintain an ample amount of nonperishable food items and water for your family.

Verify that you have a flashlight for each family member, along with extra batteries. Take inventory of all of the items in your home that rely on electricity. Keep a thermometer in your refrigerator and freezer in order to know the temperature of each when your power restores.

Consult your physician if you or someone in your household use medical devices that are powered by electricity, or if anyone has medicines that require refrigeration, in order to establish a plan to meet those medical needs during an outage. Get specific information about how long medicines can be kept at higher temperatures. If you have older family members, neighbors, or friends who live alone, help coordinate a plan ahead of time to ensure their well-being.

Install carbon monoxide detectors that have battery backups in central parts of your home, on every level.

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