It’s no secret that Michigan is facing some serious flooding issues right now – but what are you supposed to do if it happens in your home? Check out these five things to do immediately after a flood to keep yourself safe and minimize damage to your property.

5 Things to Do Immediately After a Flood

If your home floods, steer clear of flooded areas – you don’t ever want to wade around in a flooded space, because there’s significant risk of electrical shock and exposure to toxins (such as through gray or black water). With that said, here are the five things you should do immediately after a flood:

  1. Shut off power to the home
  2. Call a water damage restoration expert
  3. Remove water
  4. Dry the area
  5. Try to prevent mold

Here’s a closer look at each.

#1 Thing to Do After a Flood: Shut Off Power to the Home

Unless your circuit breaker is in a flooded area, shut off the power in your house. (If the circuit breaker is located in a flooded area, leave the house and call a water damage restoration expert to find out what to do.) In most homes, the circuit breaker is in the garage. 

Warning: Under no circumstances should you go into a flooded basement to shut off power.

#2 Thing to Do After a Flood: Call a Water Damage Restoration Expert

Get in touch with Exact Recon to let us know what happened. We can get a team on the ground quickly to assess the damage and begin taking steps to remove the water.

#3 Thing to Do After a Flood: Remove Water

The first thing we’ll do after ensuring the home is safe is begin removing water. We’ll use cutting-edge equipment to pull water from all flooded areas, and we do so very quickly to minimize the amount of damage that results. 

#4 Thing to Do After a Flood: Dry the Area

Our team will use fans and dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture and dry the area effectively. Using these tools helps minimize the risk of mold growing, as well.

#5 Thing to Do After a Flood: Try to Prevent Mold

Our team will do our best to dry the flooded area thoroughly so you don’t have to worry about mold. You should also ensure that all your belongings are completely dry before moving them back into your home.

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