Your home is your safe haven. But without the proper attention, certain items and appliances can jeopardize the safety and wellbeing of you and your family. Here are five things that could catch fire in your home, and how.

Your Electric Blanket

When you want to feel extra warm and toasty an electric blanket can be an ideal way to heat things up. But when you crank-up the heat be careful not to turn your blanket into a fire hazard by layering it with additional coverings—the buildup of heat could cause a fire. Be sure not to bend the blanket’s coils, and in the morning remember to turn it off.


Major Appliances

Home appliances are responsible for about 150,000 fires every year, according to Consumer Reports—a consumer advocacy organization. Defective appliances have been a leading cause of those fires. Faulty appliances are oftentimes involved in manufacturer recalls that point out malfunctions that endanger consumers. To stay informed about the safety of your appliances, and to avoid potential home fires and other dangers, you should register your appliances with the manufacturer. You can also go to to see if any of your appliance models are listed.


Your Dryer

You wouldn’t let lint collect on your clothes, and you shouldn’t let it buildup in your dryer’s lint screen, either. Lint is flammable, and in extreme heat when your dryer is in use it could catch fire. So remember to regularly clear out the lint screen. A clean screen can increase the efficiency of your dryer, too. Also, be sure to inspect the interior of your dryer after each use to clear out any debris left behind from pockets, which can also become flammable in extreme heat.


Your Range Hood

When you think about potential fire hazards in a kitchen one of the first things that may come to mind are open flames on a stovetop. But have you ever considered the safety of your range hood? With time, grease can build up on the hood’s filter. That grease can drip down onto a stovetop burner and start a fire, and the flames can quickly reach your cabinets and engulf your kitchen. So be sure to consistently clean your range hood to avoid this kitchen calamity.


Your Electrical Outlets

It’s pretty common to have an electrical outlet that ceases to snugly hold a plug. But this isn’t something you should ignore. A plug that won’t sit securely likely means the outlet’s inner metal contact points have degraded. If you continue to plug into the loose outlet, the loose connection could cause a spark and start a fire. It’s best to stop using that outlet and have it replaced by an electrician.


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