During the winter months natural gas and propane gas can be ideal ways to heat your home. If these resources are not properly contained, however, each can be volatile and cause a house fire, and other life-threatening dangers. In order to help keep you and your family safe this winter, look out for these five signs that your home may have a gas leak.


You Smell Rotten Eggs

Neither natural gas nor propane gas has an odor, so gas producers added a sulfur smell as a warning to homeowners, and other consumers, that gas has escaped its container and could ignite.


You Hear a Hissing Sound

If you hear a hissing sound in the area where your gas lines are located it usually indicates that there’s a considerable leak in your lines. You should have the issue investigated by a professional technician or a utility worker immediately in order to stop more gas from leaking into your residence, or the surrounding area.


You Have Dead or Dying Plants

If you’ve heard of the saying, “canary in a coal mine,” you may understand how coal miners once used these birds to test the quality and safety of the air inside of mine shafts. You, too, have an indicator of unsafe air. If you suddenly see dead or dying plants inside of your residence, it’s a sign that your air may be unsafe due to a gas leak.


You Have Unusually High Utility Bills

Monitor your gas bill for an unexplained increase. If you spot a spike in costs that isn’t the result of seasonal use, you may have a leak in your gas lines. Keeping a close eye on this bill can help keep you and your family safe from the dangers of a leak.


You Experience Health Problems

If you suddenly experience flu-like symptoms, like headache, nausea, trouble breathing, and fatigue—but those symptoms clear up when you’re away from home, it’s possible that your house has a gas leak.


Ways to Increase Your Home Safety

To increase your home safety consider investing in gas and carbon monoxide detectors, and be sure to have your gas lines and appliances regularly checked to help prevent a leak. Also, familiarize yourself with how to shut off your main gas valve. If you suspect a gas leak, exit your residence right away. When you’re a safe distance from your home, dial 911 and reach out to your local utility company.


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