4 Ways to Protect Your Home Against a Storm

Although tornado season is over the possibility for extreme weather is ever present. When severe weather strikes you don’t have to simply hope you can weather the storm. There are ways you can prepare to help increase your safety and prevent or minimize damage to your home. Take heed of these four recommendations.

Stow Outdoor Items

If a storm is brewing and heading your way be sure to store and secure loose items around your property. Things like lawn furniture, leisure items and equipment, and yard tools should all be put away since high winds could send them flying through a window and damage your property or someone else’s, or worse, cause injury. Also, verify that all of your windows and doors are secure.

Keep Your Trees Trimmed

As a preventative measure it’s wise to periodically check trees on your property to make sure they aren’t overgrown. Trees with large limbs that extend close to your home or to power lines should be trimmed back for safety because strong winds could snap the branches and cause damage to your structure, windows, siding, or to power lines.

Install Storm Shutters

Although you may prepare your property for storms, strong winds can still carry debris from neighboring areas toward your home. Storm shutters can help prevent dangerous items from penetrating your windows and causing damage to the interior of your home, and more importantly, harm to you and your family.

Flood-Proof Your Property

Needless to say, heavy rains during severe storms can cause flooding. One way to help keep flood waters from entering your home is to dry flood-proof it, which involves making it watertight by sealing the foundation walls with waterproof coatings, impermeable membranes, or an extra layer or concrete or masonry. You can also wet flood-proof your home, which involves modifying your basement or crawl space to allow for the entry and exit of flood waters.

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