4 Ways to Detect Leaks and Prevent Water Damage Inside of Your Home

Consider these tips to make sure your home stays dry and leak-free.

Install a Wireless Water Shut-Off Valve System and Leak Detectors

Contrary to what many people might think, water damage in homes is more often the result of plumbing failures than bad weather like hurricanes and heavy rains. For example, insurance claim data collected by Travelers insurance company over a seven-year period from 2009 to 2016 showed that 20 percent of property losses occurred as a result of non-weather water damage claims, as compared to the 11 percent of water damage claims that were weather-related.

Non-weather water damage claims can include problems like burst pipes, slow leaks, and issues with appliances. To help prevent water damage caused by these problems consider installing a wireless water shut-off valve system. Many are available on the market and can be installed on your water main to prevent or minimize damage to your home, as well as your pocketbook. A wireless system will send you alerts via an app, which makes it so you don’t have to be home to respond to a water emergency.

Wireless water shut-off valve systems can work in conjunction with leak detectors. You can install leak detectors in places throughout your home where you may experience water intrusion. Many of these detectors communicate via an app as well and will alert you if moisture and humidity are detected.

Many insurance companies offer discounts for the implementation of these systems.

Monitor Your Water Bills

Water bills can be indicators that you have a leak inside of your home. If your bill inexplicably spikes, you may have a leak.

Inspect Your Appliances

It’s always best to periodically check your appliances for leaks. This includes washing machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Dishwashers may leak due to faulty door latches, leaky gaskets, or failed water hoses or valves. Remember to also do an annual health check on your water heater.

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