Autumn is far away, but when it arrives you may choose to use space heaters every now and then to take the chill off the air. If you do, consider these tips to safely use them.

Be Mindful of Where You Place Your Space Heater

Space heaters can be used in any room of the house, and in areas like bedrooms, living rooms, and dens many homeowners may place their heater atop a rug, or near a bed or couch, or even in close proximity to curtains. The danger here is that these items are very flammable and they can easily catch fire when a hot space heater is too close. So always be mindful of where you place your device, and keep it clear of flammable items.

Don’t Leave Them On for Extended Periods

Allowing your space heater to run while you’re asleep or away from home is dangerous, especially if it’s left on or near flammable surfaces or items. Always use these heaters when and where you’re able to monitor them, and do your best to use them for short intervals to prevent overheating.

Also, if you’ve got a heater that’s designed for a space that is significantly smaller than where you’re using it, you could cause it to overheat often and create an increased risk of a fire. You may also lessen the useful life of your unit.

Never Use Your Heater to Warm Clothes

Don’t be tempted to use your space heater to dry damp clothes. This presents a major fire risk, especially if garments are left on the heater for an extended time.

It’s Important to Know…

A vast majority of space heaters available on the market are designed using the latest technology in the prevention of electrical fires, like an automatic shutoff if the device tips over.

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