Everyone wants to protect their family from a house fire. But certain everyday habits and practices can put your household and home in jeopardy. Avoid these four mistakes that could burn down your home.


Cutting Off Your Computer’s Circulation

Who hasn’t ever climbed into bed with their laptop, whether it be to finish up some late night work or simply to browse the web? It’s a common practice, but also a dangerous one. Sitting your laptop on a blanket, or other soft and flammable surface like a rug or a couch, can hamper the circulation of air throughout its cooling vents. This can make your computer overheat, and it may catch fire. It’s wise to use your laptop on a table or desk to avoid this fire hazard.


Making Home Repairs You’re Not Qualified to Perform

Completing DIY projects around the house can bring a great sense of accomplishment. Be careful, however, not to become too ambitious with the jobs you tackle. Projects that involve HVAC, plumbing, and electrical wiring tend to be better left to the pros. The possibility of a gas leak or an electrical fire as a result of improper installation simply isn’t worth the risk.


Downplaying Dust

Dust that collects around your house can be easy to overlook. But those seemingly harmless dust bunnies can become a major problem. Dust that collects inside and around electrical outlets and electronics can present a fire hazard due to extended exposure to heat. So be sure to periodically dust the connections behind your electronics, along power strips, and going to electrical wall sockets. Vacuum regularly in those areas.


Collecting Crumbs in the Toaster

Breads, bagels, and English muffins take on a hearty flavor after a dip in the toaster. But bits from those tasty nooks and crannies can gather in the bottom of the appliance. As the crumbs collect they are reheated with every use, and they may catch on fire. Many toasters have crumb trays. If yours does, be sure to frequently empty and wash it. If your toaster doesn’t have a tray, simply hold the toaster upside down and shake out as many of the crumbs as you can.


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