4 Energy Efficient Window Options to Conserve Heat

Energy-efficient windows can help conserve the heat inside your home. As outdoor temperatures drop during the fall season, and as winter approaches, maintaining a building envelope that’s as airtight as possible is of utmost importance. So if you’re in the market for new windows consider these four energy-efficient options.


When properly built and installed a vinyl window can provide top-notch energy efficiency via insulated glass and a tight composition, which reduce air seepage. Vinyl is one of the less expensive window options, but low cost doesn’t have to mean low performance.


When you think about wood windows lots of questions probably come to mind. What about rot? What about all of the upkeep? Sure, wood windows do require more maintenance than other options and there is the possibility of rot, especially in extremely rainy climates, but they do offer the best value when it comes to insulation. Wood windows can also be very long-lasting, based on the species of wood used.


Unlike wood windows aluminum windows are ideal for rainy and humid climates, and because of their strength they can meet stringent coastal building codes in areas prone to hurricanes. Aluminum is not a top performer when it comes to heat transfer and loss.


Wood-clad windows provide a low-maintenance exterior of vinyl or aluminum that encases a temperature-transfer-resistant wood interior. The only drawback with wood-clad windows is that they’re predisposed to water intrusion, which can result in rotting in the sills and jambs where water can collect. As a deterrent against moisture wood-clad windows should be installed using waterproof rubber membranes around the cladding, along with a sill pan—which is a standalone flashing assembly. The sill pan will drain moisture that collects around the sills and jambs and curtail water intrusion.

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