If you’re a snowbird who flocks to warmth when winter sets in, or you simply plan to be away from home for an extended period during the winter, you can help safeguard your vacant residence against damage caused by freezing winter weather, like bursting pipes, as well as secure it against intruders by following these three recommendations.

Turning Off the Water Supply to Protect Your Pipes

When you’re planning to be away from home during the cold winter months consider turning off your water supply, because if a pipe bursts or leaks while you’re away the damage could be devastating.

If your residence is heated by a steam heating system talk to a heating professional to see if it’s safe to turn off the water supply to your particular system.

Once you’ve turned off the water, drain your pipes by opening your faucets until the water comes to barely a trickle, and flush your toilets to empty water from their tanks and bowls.

You may opt to hire a plumber to perform these tasks. He or she can verify that your pipes have been drained completely by blowing compressed air through them.

Keeping Your Home From Appearing Unoccupied

When you plan to be away from home for a long while you don’t want your residence to begin to look abandoned. So consider doing things like forwarding your mail, stopping your newspaper delivery, and asking a trusted friend to gather any items that may be left at your doorstep.

To discourage thieves use motion-sensitive exterior lights, and set interior lights on timers so they illuminate at varying hours.

Plan to have someone remove snow after inclement weather.

Securing Your Home, and Not Announcing Your Absence

Refrain from posting about your travel plans on social media. Thieves can see when you’ll be away from home and target your property.

Verify that your home alarm systems are working properly and are activated, and make sure all of your external doors and windows are secured. If your home has any sliding glass doors be sure that the slide locks are in place.

Store your valuables and important documents in a safe deposit box, or other secure location.

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