3 Ways to Protect Your Home From a Bug Infestation This Spring

Spring’s back…and so are the bugs. Warm weather brings with it all sorts of insects that are curious about what’s inside your house. Whether they wander in through breaches, or are in deliberate search of food, here are three ways to safeguard your home against these multi-legged intruders by protecting it from the outside in.

Cleaning Up Your Yard

Keeping your yard clean and neat can help prevent colonies of bugs from making their way into your home. This means clearing out debris. For instance, if you’ve got a pile of wood left over from winter, and it’s not stored properly, it can attract bugs that are in search of places to hide. You should move such piles at least 10 yards, or farther, from your residence, and store the wood properly by elevating it off the ground and using a top cover.

Also, do your best to prevent the overgrowth of hedges, bushes, and vines—especially those growing on the side of your home. Such overgrowth may present nesting opportunities for insects.

Preventing Entry Into Your Home

Check around your home to make sure bugs don’t have any entry points. This means inspecting your window screens and replacing any that have holes. Similarly, fill cracks around your windows, doors, and around the foundation of the house. Also, replace rotting wood planks on places like decks and porches with new, treated planks.

Cleaning Inside Your Home

Spring cleaning can be a big undertaking with tasks like dusting, clearing away cobwebs, and cleaning baseboards, rugs, and upholstery, to name a few. But be mindful to eliminate areas where bugs like to dwell. So get rid of old boxes, newspapers, and other forms of clutter—especially in damp areas. Deep clean shelves inside cabinets and pantries where spills may have occurred.

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