It’s that time of year when bare tree branches have littered the yard with their leaves, dried foliage crunches underfoot, and the air has enough bite that you need a jacket a night. Now is also the time to perform a fitness check on your home to make sure it’s in good shape for the coming winter season. Here are a few specifics on what you need to do to make sure your home is in tip-top condition.

Check and Clean-Out Your Gutters

Although leaves on the trees in your yard or neighborhood may take on beautiful hues of yellow, orange, or burgundy, they often collect in your gutters, which isn’t such a pretty sight. As the foliage builds-up it can trap water that can eventually find its way inside your home. Since inspecting and cleaning your gutters on your own can be a dangerous task, consider hiring a pro to do the job.

Check Your Roof

It’s always best to do periodic inspections of your roof, since it’s exposed to extreme heat, cold, strong winds, flying debris, and heavy rains over time, and as it ages it can become increasingly susceptible to water intrusion. A professional can inspect it for any surface breaches that can compromise your home.

If your house has chimneys or skylights make sure they’re checked for proper seals. Also ensure that vents outside of your home are sealed as well.

If you’re in the market to purchase a new roof think about the durability of the material you may choose, since it can vary widely and there are lots of options—from the least expensive and most commonly-used asphalt shingle, to wood shakes/shingles, slate, terra cotta tile, and concrete tiles.

Fix Leaking Windows and Doors

Leaky windows and doors are obviously easy entry points for water, as well as exit points for heat during the winter, and A/C in the summer. If you’ve been tolerating occasional small leaks here and there don’t put off addressing the problem any longer. The fix isn’t always costly. In some instances all you need is silicon seal.

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