Most house fires are preventable – but you need to know what to do to protect your home. Naturally, if you’ve already fallen victim to this type of disaster, you’ll need to work with a fire and smoke damage restoration specialist… but prevention is always better.

Many house fires begin in the kitchen. In fact, most fires begin when someone is cooking and something happens.

Here’s what you can do to stay safe – and keep your home safe – when you’re cooking.

3 Ways to Prevent Kitchen Fires

Prevention Tip #1: Never leave towels or pot holders near an oven or stove that’s on (or that’s been on within the past few hours). Keep plastic bags, paper towel rolls and other flammable items several feet from your cooking area (and store kitchen linens in a door far from the stove, too).

Prevention Tip #2: Never walk away from a hot stove or oven. Make sure you have a timer running when you’re cooking or baking so you don’t lose track of time, and make sure you turn off burners and ovens when you’re finished using them.

Prevention Tip #3: Be extremely careful when you’re frying or cooking anything that involves grease. Grease is extremely flammable, and these types of fires spread very quickly. If you do experience a grease fire, do not use water to put it out – you need to use a fire extinguisher, sand or baking soda, because water will splash into the grease and cause the fire to spread.

Do You Need to Talk to a Fire Restoration Specialist?

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