Heat and humidity can jeopardize the integrity of the structure of your home. From a crawl space to the attic—and areas in between—no portion of a house is exempt from the detriments of uncontrolled heat and humidity. Make sure your home does not fall prey to these three ways unmanaged heat and humidity can damage your house.

Humidity in a Crawl Space

A crawl space is the area of a home that’s most susceptible to damage from heat and humidity because it’s where air can get trapped and become stagnant. As humidity in that space increases it can create problems, like mold and mildew.

The best way to protect your crawl space from humidity damage is through encapsulation. This process involves spreading a vapor barrier of heavy plastic over the ground in the crawl space. The barrier blocks moisture and humidity that would otherwise transfer up from the soil below, creating a more controlled environment beneath the house. The plastic is also used to cover the walls of the foundation.

Inadequate Caulking Around Plumbing

The joints between your home and where your plumbing exits the house should be adequately sealed. If the joints aren’t properly filled with caulk or foam, the exchange of heat and humidity through the gaps can damage your structure.

Examine the outside of your home to see if there are instances where the sealant around your exterior plumbing could stand to be refreshed. You can reinforce the joints yourself, or call in a professional and leave the task to them.

Improper Ventilation in Bathrooms

You should make sure bathrooms in your home that have a shower or bath are properly vented outside the house, and that vents aren’t bringing outside air back in. You may decide to do this yourself, or opt to have a pro check things out.

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