3 Warning Signs That You May Have a Sinkhole      

You’ve probably seen them on the evening news. Huge holes that open up in the earth and swallow any and everything above them. They occur in residential neighborhoods, in the middle of bustling city streets, and even in remote areas. Does one lurk on your property? Look out for these three warning signs that you may have a sinkhole.

How Do Sinkholes Form?

Sinkholes are underground holes that form in the earth’s bedrock due to water erosion. Although they seem to pop up suddenly they actually take a very, very long time to develop—hundreds of thousands of years, in fact. Over time, as water runs into the ground it can erode the rock beneath the clay or sand topsoil and form a kind of cave in the bedrock. When that cave’s ceiling collapses—because of water pressure, the weight of the soil, and vibrations from machines and cars, a sinkhole is born.

Warning Signs

Changes in Your Yard

Keep an eye open for trees and fence posts that seem to sag or slant, and for places in those immediate areas where the ground has sunken. Check for pools of water around your foundation, and small ponds of water elsewhere in your yard.

Separating Walls and Slanting Floors

If your home has walls and ceilings with gaps or separations, you may have a sinkhole. Also, any trim or molding that’s pulling away from your walls can be another sign of trouble. Call in a professional if your home has become slanted, or if your floors begin to bulge, warp, or sag.

Problems with Windows, Doors, and Cabinets

Over the years your house naturally settles, so it’s normal for it to have a little unevenness here and there. But if you experience problems like windows that stick and become hard to open—or won’t completely open or close, doors that jam and stop latching, and cabinet doors and drawers that won’t open or close properly, there’s a possibility that a sinkhole could be near or beneath your home.

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