If you’re like most parents, you know that your kids need to be prepared for an emergency – but what can you do to help them?

Check out these three tips to prepare your kids for a disaster.

3 Tips to Prepare Your Kids for a Disaster

First, talk to your children. Let them know when tornado season’s approaching (or any other disaster season), what they can do if there’s an emergency while they’re at school, and what to do if there’s an emergency at home.


Practice Evacuations

Talking about an evacuation plan is a great start, but then you need to run through it a few times so kids can start to feel comfortable with it. Bonus: You’ll also be able to identify weaknesses in your plan so you can make improvements. Each child can have his or her own job (“Chad helps Angie with her shoes” and “Charra takes all the emergency kits to the car” are great tasks).

Maintaining Disaster Kits

When you check the supplies in your disaster kit, looking at expiration dates and adding new medications as necessary, have the kids help. You can talk about the reasons you have all the supplies in the kit and start discussions on why it’s necessary to stay ready.

Invite Kids to Ask Questions

Talk about natural disasters and what kids can do if your family is subjected to one, and get your kids to participate by asking them what they’d do in specific situations. You can also ask them if they have questions about specific disasters or what they’re supposed to do – the more they talk about it, the more likely they are to remember what to do if your family is caught in an emergency situation.

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