Water removal is a big job, especially if it’s done serious damage to your home or business. Here’s what you need to know after a flood, sewer backup or fire when it comes to water removal.

3 Things You Need to Know About Water Removal

Water removal – commonly called extraction – gets most of the water out of your home. It involves:

  • Furniture removal
  • Carpet pad and carpet inspection/flooring inspections
  • Actual water removal

Removing Furniture

Generally, all the furniture and other items have to come out of the house. Water removal experts can coordinate with you to get all your belongings out.

Carpet Pad/Flooring Inspection

Your water removal experts will inspect the carpet and carpet pad to see if they need to be removed because they’ll damage the subfloor. They’ll check out other types of flooring, too.

Water Removal

The water removal pros you hire will have access to all kinds of tools to determine the extent of water saturation. They may use things like hygrometers and infrared cameras to see how bad things are. Once they’ve surveyed all the damage, they’ll use powerful pumps to get all the water out – and then, they’ll begin the drying and dehumidification process.

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