3 Things You Need to Know About Ice Storms

Living in Michigan, we all know the weather can change quickly – and in the winter, that can mean serious ice storms can hit out of nowhere.

Here are three things you need to know about ice storms.

3 Things You Need to Know About Ice Storms

  • What causes ice storms
  • What types of damage ice storms can do
  • The impact of an ice storm can last for days

What Causes Ice Storms?

Only certain types of precipitation can cause ice storms. Freezing rain occurs when air that’s warmer than 32 degrees moves over air that’s under 32 degrees. Snow falls through the warmer air and turns into rain, but it re-freezes when it hits the sub-freezing air or the frozen ground.

What Types of Damage Can Ice Storms Do?

Even 0.25 inches of ice can cause significant damage. Ice is heavy, so it can weigh down tree branches, power lines and even the roof of your home. In fact, ice can increase a tree branch’s weight by up to 30 times – and it can add up to 500 pounds of extra weight to power lines. When strong winds come in with the ice, there’s potential for even more damage.

How Long Will the Impact of an Ice Storm Last?

The effects of an ice storm can impact an entire city for days. It depends on how severe the storm was, as well as weather patterns that occur after the storm, as well as how much ice fell on the area. If there was more than 0.5 inches of ice and damage is widespread, it can take weeks to repair everything.

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