3 Signs Your House Could Be Sinking

While earthquakes aren’t common in Michigan, since the state isn’t located near any major fault lines, they do occur and are referred to as within-plate earthquakes.

In fact in late August of this year a 3.2 magnitude earthquake occurred offshore from the city of Monroe, rattling southeast Michigan, and in 2015 a 4.2 magnitude quake jolted Galesburg and sent tremors throughout southeast portions of the state.

Even relatively mild quakes like those we’ve recently experienced can affect the foundation and structural integrity of your home due to shifts in the ground beneath the foundation, which can cause it to become destabilized. As a result, your home could begin to sink. Take heed of these three signs that your home could be slowly sinking.

Structural Cracks

A sinking foundation can cause cracks to form in your home, especially around windows and doors. You may also find that your ceilings and walls develop cracks, or even begin to pull apart. On the exterior of your residence you may see cracks close to the base of the structure. If either the interior or exterior cracks worsen with time your foundation may be sinking.

Sloping Floors

When houses sink they usually do so unevenly. So while one portion of your home might begin to sink another area may remain completely upright. As a result, the floors in some rooms in your house may begin to take on a slope. Floors that can’t withstand the pressure of the shift of the ground beneath your home may crack. In these conditions your home may become unsafe to live in and you should reach out to pros, like us, for repairs.

Walls That Bow

Since a sinking foundation puts a huge amount of strain on your home’s structure it typically causes your walls to noticeably bow inward or outward.

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