3 reasons sump pumps fail in Michigan

If you’re like many Ann Arbor homeowners, your house has a sump pump. It’s supposed to keep your basement (and the rest of your home) dry – but if it fails, you could be looking at quite a bit of property damage.

But what causes a sump pump to fail? Here’s a quick list of the top three reasons sump pumps fail in Michigan.

3 Reasons Sump Pumps Fail in Michigan

While a properly maintained sump pump can work for years, sometimes failure is inevitable. These are three of the most common reasons sump pumps fail.

#1. Power Outage

When there’s a power outage, the motor in the sump pump can’t turn on – it’s usually wired to your home’s main current. If there’s a storm and the power goes out for a while, your pump may allow water to back up.

#2. Incorrect Sizing

If your sump pump is the wrong size, or if it’s installed improperly, it could fail to protect your home when you need it most. Proper installation typically includes a check valve, an air relief hole drilled in the discharge line and more.

#3. Switch Problems

If the switch that tells the motor when to turn on isn’t working properly, you could run into trouble when the pump needs to work. Water can back up – a little or a lot – and cause flooding.

Did Your Sump Pump Fail and Cause Water Damage?

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