3 Pests That Want to Invade Your Home This Fall, and How to Stop Them

As the cool fall weather settles in for the long haul outdoor insects seek shelter from the cold, and your warm home could make the perfect bug bed and breakfast.

Watch out for these three pests that want to turn your home into an insect inn.


In case you were wondering—centipedes don’t actually have 100 legs. That’s because their leg pairs are always an odd number. But brace yourself. Depending on the species centipedes can have as many as 191 pairs of legs…and as few as 15 pairs.

As outdoor temps drop, these 2-inch critters seek warm, moist shelters, which may likely be inside of your basement. To keep out these intimidating invertebrates make sure that the weatherstripping around your doors and windows is intact, and apply caulk to any cracks and openings. Also, verify that the screens in your windows and sliding doors don’t have holes. On the outside of your home clear away any leaves, wood, and debris that’s close to the house—particularly if it’s damp—and check pipe entry points to ensure that there aren’t any gaps in the caulking.

Stink Bugs

Yeah, they’re really called stink bugs. Why? Because of the foul odor they release when they feel threatened, and the lovely aroma they emit if you smash their little arrowhead-shaped bodies. So you really don’t want to be in close quarters with these insects.

Once inside of your home stink bugs seek out quiet places like attics, wall cracks, and other crevices. But make no mistake—they do enjoy throwing house parties and send out invites via the release of pheromones that notify other stink bugs exactly where the party is going down.

To prevent the infiltration of these unwanted houseguests make sure the entry points to your home are well sealed, and eliminate areas of moisture and any food sources. Also vacuum often.


Although beetles have the ability to hibernate during the winter, some adults will try to survive the cold season inside of your home. You might find these intruders on baseboards, in closets, and under carpets and furniture. Once inside they may be attracted to packaged foods and fabrics.

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