3 MORE Bad Habits That Could Catch Your House on Fire

House fires can start in many different ways. An unattended pot on the stove or an improperly extinguished cigarette can quickly lead to a blaze. There are many everyday habits—ones that might not be given a second thought—that could easily put families at risk. Beware of these three bad habits.

Forgetting to Clean Range Hood Filters

Cooktops and ovens can be common culprits in kitchen fires. But have you considered that your range hood could also present a threat? Grease that builds up on the filters of your range hood can drip into a flame on your stovetop and possibly start a fire. The ensuing flames could reach your cabinets and spread from there. To avoid this danger be sure to clean your range hood filters on a regular basis.

Disregarding Loose-Fitting Wall Outlets

If you’ve got a wall outlet that causes your plugs to have a loose fit and slide out, it’s most likely because the contact points inside the receptacle have degraded to a point where a secure connection isn’t possible. If you continue to plug into the loose outlet the incomplete connection inside could ignite a spark and cause the electricity to “arc,” which is when electrical current travels through air gaps. This could cause a house fire. To avoid this potential danger stop using the faulty outlet and reach out to an electrician to replace the deteriorated receptacle.

Leaving Lit Candles Unsupervised

Candles can create a relaxing atmosphere and give a room ambiance and even a fragrant aroma. But for all of their ability to enhance their surroundings, when left unattended, lit candles could turn calm into calamity if they are knocked over by children or pets. So when you’re finished with your evening don’t leave them burning unsupervised. Snuff-out the flames to keep your home safe. And always place your burning candles out of the reach of kids and pets, and away from flammable items like drapery.

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