3 Little-Known Secrets to Keeping a Tile Floor Looking New After Restoration

When your home has been through a disaster, whether it was a fire, water damage or something else, your A2 restoration contractor may have installed new tile flooring. So how are you supposed to maintain it and keep it looking new for years? This guide explains three little-known secrets to keeping your tile looking its best.

3 Little-Known Secrets to Keeping a Tile Floor Looking New After Restoration

Tile is cost-effective and durable if you care for it properly – and even better, it requires very little maintenance. But you still need to do a few things to keep it looking its best. Check out these three little-known secrets of tile maintenance:

  1. Use high-pressure rinsing from time to time
  2. Clean your grout regularly
  3. Apply a protective sealant

Here’s a closer look at each.

#1. Use High-Pressure Rinsing

Every year – or more frequently if your tile is in a high-traffic area – it’s a good idea to bring in a professional floor cleaner to use a high-pressure, ultra-hot stream of water. The water will remove dirt and grime from the tiles if it’s been ground in, and it’ll work to clean your grout, as well.

The contractor you hire to clean your floors should know whether chemical cleaning is appropriate (it isn’t always a good idea).

High-pressure rinsing beats manual scrubbing. Even if you’re really conscientious about what you’re doing, you can spread dirt, germs and bacteria – or worse, force these things into your grout.

#2. Clean Your Grout Regularly

Grout is more porous than tile is, and that means it’s more likely to stain and retain dirt, grime and germs than tile is. Because it doesn’t typically lie flush with tile, it’s the perfect place for a mess to accumulate. The best way to clean it is through an all-over floor steaming with high-pressure water flow.

#3. Apply a Protective Sealant

You don’t have to apply a sealant to your tile, but doing so will help you keep dirt and grime under control. It can help prolong your tile’s lifespan and keep it (and your grout) from absorbing new stains, too.

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