Although you can’t predict when a natural disaster will strike, you can prepare. Don’t wait until a disaster is imminent. Last November we discussed 5 Things You Can Do Today to Prepare for Any Natural Disaster. Here, we provide more details about how you and your family can make sure you’re prepared. Consider these three suggestions.

Sign-Up to Receive Emergency Alerts   

 There’s no convenient time for a natural disaster to strike, and preparation for one shouldn’t wait for a convenient time, either. One simple thing you can do today is to sign up you and members of your family to receive emergency alerts to get a heads-up on weather-related dangers.

Establish a Plan and Keep It Updated

Now is the time to have a conversation with your immediate family, extended family, and friends about how you will stay in touch before, during, and after a natural disaster. This can mean establishing or updating plans for travel to safe destinations in case you have to evacuate your area. Talk to your children about emergency plans, and get them involved in the preparedness process. Also, discuss what to do in case members of the family become separated.

In your disaster planning process be sure to consider CDC recommendations and guidelines in light of the current pandemic.

Create an Emergency Kit

Collect and store supplies that can last for several days after a disaster strikes. Be sure that quantities are sufficient for everyone in your family, and be mindful to consider the specific needs of each individual to make sure they are accommodated as much as possible. Don’t forget your pets. Make sure that your emergency kits and supplies are updated based on guidelines recommended by the CDC. It’s also a good time to collect and store important documents in one safe place that’s easily accessible in case you have to evacuate your home.