Straight-line winds or a tornado can cause airborne debris to strike your home at high speeds. Your windows can be especially vulnerable to penetration, which can make shatter-resistant windows a great option for enhanced safety.


Shatter-resistant windows for homes were adapted from the automotive industry, where—for years—laminated glass was used to protect vehicle occupants. Consider these two common types of impact-resistant windows to help safeguard your home against flying debris during extreme weather events.


Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made up of two sheets of glass that are separated by an inner shatter-proof membrane. When a laminated glass window incurs a substantial impact it may shatter, but the inner membrane is designed to retain the pieces so that the window’s barrier remains unbroken. Not only are laminated glass windows constructed to withstand airborne debris traveling at high speeds, they’re also made to handle impacts from potential home intruders.


The thickness of the window’s interior lamination can range from 0.02 inch to 0.09 inch, and you can tint the inner film in your choice of an assortment of colors—which can help lessen or eliminate sun fading and ultraviolet light damage to items inside of your home.


Window Film

Another option to help bolster the strength of your windows is to install a protective window film, although its protection is less robust than that of laminated glass. Filmed windows have a shatter-resistant film that’s placed over the surface of the window to help secure glass shards if a window is broken. Because the film is added to the surface, the durability of the window depends on how well the glass and film stay within the window frame and assembly.


Added Benefits of Impact-Resistant Windows

Aside from providing safety during extreme weather events, impact-resistant windows can also enhance the security of your home. They can help lessen the chances of a break-in and property theft or damage because of their difficulty to penetrate and separate from their frames.


With added home security you may qualify for certain home insurance benefits. Confer with your homeowners insurance provider to see what benefits may be available to you.


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