Breaches in the exterior of your home are an invitation to not only spiders, but to all manner of insects seeking shelter from the increasingly cool fall temperatures. So, to keep spiders and other bugs out of your home, your first task is to seal up holes and gaps wherever they may exist around your home’s exterior.


But, as the saying goes, “You’re never more than 6 feet from a spider.” So even if spiders inhabit your home, and more than likely they do, the last place you want to encounter them is when you step into your shower. Avoid these two things that could actually be luring arachnids into your loo.


Damp Bath Towels

Spiders like to inhabit dark, damp places like basements, and they love cardboard boxes, clutter, and…damp bath towels? Spiders cannot live without moisture, and damp towels in your bathroom can provide the perfect amount of water to survive. So avoid leaving damp towels in a pile. Keep them hung up to dry to discourage spiders from seeking shelter.


Damp towels can also become magnets for cockroaches, crickets, flies, centipedes, gnats, ants, and mites. All of these bugs are typical food sources for spiders. So it’s no surprise as to why arachnids are attracted to wet towels—they’re a one-stop shop for dinner and a drink. Spiders will construct webs around these kinds of moist items so that when their prey comes scavenging for water they can become entangled in their traps.

Also, do your best to keep your bathroom’s window frames clean—spiders are attracted to dust in those areas.


Live Plants

If you’re thinking about adding live plants to your bathroom to give your space a spa-like atmosphere, reconsider. Although greenery may create a lush or even tropical feel in your bath, the moist soil can attract spiders. Live plants can also invite a host of bugs that are herbivores, and spiders may lay in wait for these insects to visit and become trapped in their webs.


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