This fall you can expect the usual multi-legged suspects to try to invade your home in search of warmth. Below is a line-up of two of the usual suspects. But first, here’s what you can do to make sure your home is sufficiently fortified against these insect intruders.


Seal Exterior Gaps and Cracks

When the chill of the fall season sets in most bugs look for warm, dark places to hang out over the winter, along with food and water. Keeping bugs out of your house means sealing all of its interior and exterior gaps and cracks. That may mean filling in gaps between your siding and the pipes that exit your home, or adding a door sweep to exterior doors.


Get Rid of Excess Moisture and Sources of Food

Excess moisture in areas of your home, like your basement, attic, kitchen, and bathrooms, can be open invitations to critters and should be promptly addressed—not just to disinvite bugs, but to prevent the development of mold and mildew, too. When it comes to eliminating potential food sources for insects, be sure to seal all of your garbage, store foods in airtight containers, and make sure you don’t leave any vittles out on counters and tables.


The Usual Suspects

Sometimes even your best efforts aren’t enough to keep your residence insect-free. Here’s a line-up of two of the usual suspects you may find invading your home this fall and winter season.




The sound of a houseguest singing in the shower might be a more welcome noise than the incessant squeaking of crickets inside of your home. And it seems you can never quite pinpoint the origin of their annoying chirp, which can disrupt your concentration and sleep. Not only do crickets contribute to noise pollution, but they can feast on your clothes, too. They reproduce very quickly, and a species like the greenhouse camel cricket looks for warm, moist, dark places to multiply—especially basements and ground floors. You can use nontoxic traps to capture crickets that have sought refuge inside of your home.


Bed Bugs


Yes, bed bugs. While you may not think of this insect as a “usual suspect,” never let it crawl below your radar. You probably won’t see these critters marching into your home—they’re more like hitchhikers and will bum a ride into your residence on just about anything. To keep bed bugs out of your boudoir, be on the lookout—especially if you travel a lot during the holiday season. Check your clothes, suitcases, and the upholstery inside of your car for these bug bandits. If bed bugs make it inside of your home, they can dwell in more than just your bed. They may choose to camp out within crevices in your baseboards, walls, and even inside of electrical outlets. Although a bed bug bite definitely isn’t life-threatening, it can be itchy and downright unpleasant.


If you plan to travel during the upcoming holiday season, be sure to check bed mattresses before you use them. Keep an eye out for dark brown spots, which are bedbug droppings. When you return home from a trip, launder your clothes using hot water. If you spot bed bugs inside of your home, and you think that an infestation is afoot, reach out to a pest-control service.


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