Any leak can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home – but how can you tell when something’s wrong?

How Can You Tell if Your Toilet is Leaking?

A toilet leak isn’t always obvious right away – but it can waste hundreds of gallons of water as it damages your home. The good news: Most toilet leaks are pretty easy to repair on your own. (It’s not as easy to repair water damage, but more on that later.)

You can figure out if your toilet might be leaking by following these steps:

  1. Remove the tank lid
  2. Place 10 drops of dark food coloring in the back of the toilet tank
  3. Wait 30 minutes without flushing
  4. Look in the toilet bowl to see if any color has come through

If the water is clear, it’s not leaking. If you see color in the bowl, you have a leak.

How Can You Tell if Your Pipes Are Leaking?

Wastewater is usually moved by gravity, which makes them tough to detect. If you suspect a wastewater leak, call a professional plumber immediately; then call a sewer cleanup crew, because wastewater can be dangerous.

If you see wet spots, warped spots or discoloration on the ceiling, floor, walls or woodwork in your home (like the bottom of the cabinets beneath sinks), you could have a leak.

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