There’s something extra creepy about bugs with lots and lots of legs, but as fall temperatures settle-in, these very kinds of creepy crawlies are seeking shelter from the cold. Your cozy home just might be the kind of insect inn they’re looking for.

Keep an eye out for these two intimidating insects that want to turn your home into a bug bed and breakfast.


Cool fall temps send these 2-inch critters in search of warm, moist shelters—they prefer your basement.

To block these intrusive invertebrates be sure that the exterior of your home is sufficiently sealed up. This means making sure that the weather stripping around your doors and windows is intact. Verify that window screens, as well as screens in sliding doors, don’t have holes.

It’s important to clear away leaves, wood, and debris that may be close to your house—especially if they’re damp. Also, check places around your home’s exterior where pipes enter or exit to make sure there aren’t any gaps in the caulking. Seal any cracks or openings you find.

Not to freak you out, but…

Depending on the species of centipede these insects can have as many as 191 pairs of legs. If it’s any consolation they can also have as little as 15 pairs.


Spiders may be one of the most dreaded insects that can invade a home, and as much as you may try to avoid them there’s a saying: You are never more than 6 feet away from a spider.

During the fall, which is mating season for these multi-legged menaces, spiders of all types emerge in search of a date. Turn off your home’s insect VACANCY sign by turning off your exterior lights at night, since light attracts bugs, which attract hungry spiders. Also, whenever possible, remove spider webs you may find around your home’s exterior to discourage them from coming inside.